Why You Need an Intelligent Neck Massager

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If you spend most of your waking hours hunched over your laptop or smartphone, you’re bound to feel the effects in your neck. It doesn’t take a neurologist to know that’s bad for your posture and therefore your neck. Taking a break from your gadget and utilising a neck massager can help if your suffer .

If you’ve got neck trouble, like me, a good neck massager is a must-have. An arched-head technique to typing on your phone will give you better posture and balance and keep that achy, stiff neck away.

Does this sound familiar? Sounds like you’re experiencing pain caused by a problem that can lead to the need for professional medical help if left untreated. However, even though we are surrounded by technology, it isn’t always the source of these problems; It can also lead to the solution for some of them as well.

There are many neck massagers on the market that offer everything from soothing vibrations to powerful massages and heat treatments. These include the most popular ones such as the Trigger Point Therapy Neck Massager, the Neocutie, the Power Wave, and the Vibrostim. But what if you need something that’s a bit different?

How does the intelligent neck massager work?

A neck massager is a device that comes in many different forms and can be a wrap-around device that can be draped around your shoulders, a pad for you to fit in your home, or a vibrating belt that you can use for the ultimate experience.

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This massager uses a pulsing electric current to mimic the hands of a massage therapist, providing you with daily relief from muscle aches and soreness.

Treating your neck with a tech-y massage will offer benefits beyond just relaxing you. It also helps with headaches, back pain, tight muscles, migraines, , and even the risk of stroke and heart disease.

It is widely accepted that using a neck massager can help with circulation, relieve mild-to-moderate neck and shoulder pain, help with headaches and migraines, relax muscles, improve neck mobility, and reduce stress.

Which type of neck massager is best?

There are a wide variety of neck massagers: from small manual rollers to massage chairs with heat and vibration.

There are also some simulators that simulate massage techniques like shiatsu or Swedish massage.

Most types of neck massagers are listed below;
kneading massage pillows
Percussion massagers, or massage guns
Massage balls
Massage cushions
Acupressure balls and mats
TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) devices

Chiropractic and physiotherapy care for short-term neck, shoulder, and back pain relief, and reducing stress and increasing relaxation are the most popular proffessional solutions for , however, ongoing care at home can be the most practical answer for people haunched over their laptops, phones and tablets.

Best neck massager for migraines

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Some people find relief from headaches by massaging their neck and shoulders, or having a family member or friend giving them a ‘neck rub’.

Stretching can also assist with releasing stress, or light excersize like walking or swimming. What makes an exercise effective? Problems in your skeletal muscle can refer pain to your head.

If you “release” those muscles, your chronic headaches can actually ease up.

You can actuall accelerate the release of this tension and improve blood flow to the brain with the use of the right neck massager as well.

When you do a stretching routine for the neck and shoulders, you can increase the blood flow to your brain. The benefits of a good stretching program are many: Strengthening your neck muscles can prevent injury to your head. You will have better posture. Your muscles will be looser, making it easier to move your body. It is recommended that you stretch every morning before getting out of bed. It’s a good idea to keep your muscles in shape so they work well throughout the day.

Are neck massagers worth it?

At-home neck massagers may be a beneficial tool for reducing neck and shoulder pain. They can also improve your mood by relieving tension, provide short-term pain relief and relaxation.

Research from 2017Trusted Source indicates that massage, including self-massage, can provide short-term pain reduction and benefits such as stress relief. In addition, there’s evidenceTrusted Source that the relaxation produced by massage therapy can help reduce pain.

Of course, chronic pain, or abrupt pain that comes on without warning should always be checked out by a healthcare professional.

How to choose the right neck massager

When it comes to neck massagers, price isn’t an indicator of quality, effectiveness, or power.

If you’re new to these devices, look for a massager that comes with a trial period and full money-back guarantee.

When considering which product to buy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of massage am I trying to simulate?
  • Will I be massaging myself or someone else?
  • If I’m massaging my own back, neck, and shoulders, can I effectively control this massager?
  • Is it important to me to have multiple percussion and power options?
  • Is heat massage important?
  • Do I have enough strength in my hands to effectively use a manual massager?
  • What is my budget for this device?

Is vibration massage good for neck?

When you use vibration massage what do the vibrations actually do? This article discusses the many scientifically proven effects, and what these effects may be useful for. This information helps work out whether vibration massage will be of benefit, and helps clinicians work out the best therapy for their patients or clients. We’ll go through each of the effects, plus the best frequencies to use and some clinical applications.

In conclusion

Self-massage may have benefits for pain reduction and stress relief.

Many types of neck massagers can be used to alleviate back, shoulder, and neck pain at home.

Neck massagers can provide relief from neck pain caused by strains, sprains, and conditions such as osteoarthritis. In addition, they can be used to reduce the discomfort caused by tension headaches.

Note to users about our intelligent neck massager;

Everyone deserves massage relief, but this device isn’t for everyone. It uses electrical-impulse therapy, which is not suitable for women who are pregnant, anyone in current use of a medical device, pacemaker, or individuals who have metal implants in their body. Please consult with a medical professional or doctor if you are unsure as to the safety or compatibility of this device with your current health conditions.

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