What does a derma roller do for your beard?

Removes Dandruff

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The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a derma roller is how they remove hair from their skin. Derma rollers are designed to the scalp and help loosen dead cells and debris that build up over time. However, when using a beard derma roller, you should start at the top of your beard and work your way down, maintaining skin contact. You want to use enough pressure to get rid of any buildup, but not so much that you cause discomfort. If you have an oily beard, you may need to wash your hair before using the roller, a slight amount of oil is actually healthy for maintaining a great glow to your beard as well as its shape.

Treats Acne

Dermal rollers are great for treating acne. Using them regularly helps clear out clogged pores and reduces inflammation. To treat acne, you can either apply the roller directly to the affected area or use a cotton ball soaked in a solution of baking soda mixed with water first, ensureing there is now open wound as you dont want to aggravate it. The main thing is to allow for blackheads and any buildup to be successfully dislodged and then removed.

Fade Haircut With Beard

Reduces Hair Loss

If you notice that your hair is thinning, try using a derma roller. Just liekwith your scalp, rolling your facial area where your beard is stimulates blood flow and encourages hair follicles to produce stronger roots.

Tames Stubborn Beard Bumps

Beard bumps are caused by ingrown hairs. These hairs push through the skin and create a bumpy appearance. A derma roller can help reduce these bumps. Simply rub the roller along the bump a little each day with gentle strokes until it reduces and then finally disappears.

Gives Your Beard a Smooth Finish

A smooth finish is something everyone wants. Use a derma roller to give your beard a clean, soft look. It will assist a healthy beard to look perfect, aligning your hair much more precisely than a conventional brush.

Keeps Your Beard Healthy

Using a derma roller keeps your beard healthy. It removes excess oils and dirt that could lead to bacteria and fungus. It also prevents knots and matting.

Makes Your Beard Grow Faster

Rolling your beard stimulates blood circulation and increases the rate at which your beard grows. A healthy beard grows faster. Why not check out the specialised beard products we have for men at The Health Quest Shop. We guarantee fast delivery throught the US (typically 3 business days) and a 100% money-back guarantee!

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