What beard kit should I get?

Firstly and foremost, before trying to answer this question – lets dig a little deeper into the dermis so to speak… Yes a beard kit will vasty improve your facial hair or scruff, however, lets focus for a moment on the following;

a ‘Proper Men’s Skin Care Routine’ ✔️

Among the most ignored elements of excellent skin care is to use sun block and to prevent the sun entirely when it is at its most intense. These important actions can lead to skin that looks several years younger as well as negating the risk of skin cancer and later-in-life skin spots. Keep reading for some more tips on proper skin care for men.

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Do not compare yourself to individuals on tv that have ideal skin. Daily we see individuals with ideal skin utilizing wonder items that are expected to provide you amazing looking skin. Instead of trying to imitate the stars, ask your friends and family what items have actually worked for them and what the realistic and measurable outcomes were.

When looking after your skin, you should make sure to cleanse it in warm water at the end of the day, instead of hot or cold water. Water that is too hot or too cold, has actually been revealed to trigger damage to the skin cells. The most typical kind of damage from overly heated water is extreme dryness, while cold water can trigger wrinkles.

For shaving legs, underarms, or beard, be sure to utilize a moderate, low pH, hydrating soap and/or cleanser. This will assist healthy oil production within the skin so that your razor blade slides over it harmlessly. Search for items developed specifically for delicate skin. At the same time, utilize a really moderate hair conditioner with a couple of drops of sunflower or peanut oil included for pain-free shaving.

You wouldnt believe that being in a tub of mud would have anything to do with skin care. How wrong you are if you think this is an old wive’s tale. The unique minerals and the natural ingredients of the ideal mud actually draw pollutants out of your skin. Rinse, hydrate and you are ready to go.

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Mens grooming kit

Apply moisturiser as quickly as you leave the bath or shower and ensure you select a moisturiser ideal for your skin type. By using moisturiser as quickly as you have actually been cleaned, you assist to seal wetness into your skin. If you have oily skin you ought to utilize an oil-free wetness gel, whereas individuals with dry skin must utilize a thick, abundant cream. Be gentle to your skin thought first thing in the morning when you wake up and try and preserve the natural oils which have occured overnight.

In order to best look after your skin, make certain to keep it well moisturised at all times by utilizing a mild non-oily moisturizer. Permitting your skin to end up being dried will trigger damage to the external layers, which can lead to a rough, unappealing appearance. Moisturizers work best when used while the skin is still damp from cleaning.

Use sun block consistently and avoid of sun as much as possible if you are experiencing a breakout. The UV rays of the sun will increase soreness and swelling in your skin. If you are utilizing acne medication, your skin can likewise end up being more sensitive to the light of the sun.

Try keeping your skin care program simple. Lets face it, who has time to spend each day on your facial health – well, it doesnt take too much time, and now is the time to put in that extra bit of effort. You can have great skin simply by cleaning with warm water every day and using face cream later on. Uncomplicated is the secret here, specifically if you have really delicate and normal skin. If you utilize a face cream, make certain that it is hypoallergenic and scent complimentary.

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By taking the time to understand a little more about your skin and putting into the practise a few of the tips of this short article, you will discover that it will pay you back over the years by improving and maintaining glowing and healthy skin which in turn will dramatically improve the quality of your beard.

Does a beard growth kit work?

Some people go through life as if they’re on a beard journey. Others just never quite make the transition. Either way, we can all use some help making a good decision!

Some men report significant improvements with their beards in as little as two weeks using a Beard Growth Kit regularly. Others see significant results within a few months.

Usually, it takes 1-2 months to see the new white hairs kicking in. The important thing to remember is that it’s all about patience and it takes time to grow a beard.

We recommend using The Beard Growth Kit for a minimum of 15 days to get the best indication of your beard growth.

What helps beard growth?

Here is an amazing article on making your beard grow thicker and faster than ever before.

Best mens gifts – help them grow their beard, a must for every men’s grooming kit!

The Mini Groomer

I use this mini groomer for all my clients. It’s a nose hair trimmer, a neckline trimmer, and a sideburn trimmer, and I buy five of them at a time. It gives me a perfectly straight line when I want to clean up a beard without pulling out a full clipper.

If I was a man, I’d keep this in my Dopp kit because it cleans up my nose hairs, brows and beard line.

The little things do make a difference. It may seem obvious to some, but even a seemingly small change can make a big impact.

Beard Oil & Wax

Guys need to use beard oil more often. You can moisturize your beard with a simple spritz of beard balm or mustache wax, or massage your beard into a richer lather with a dry shampoo.

Zeus Verbena Lime Natural Deodorant Spray

If you have no beard balm, put on some oil. This is not a new tip. In fact, it’s been around since time immemorial. The trick is that you need to use the right oil.

Your wife won’t like this, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

The Derma Roller

Derma Brush 2

It’s time to wake up and take action. This amazing roller will not only give you great results, but also help your body recover more quickly. It will boost your confidence and enjoy what mother nature gave you. It is a new product from the same manufacturer as our best selling hair rollers and brushes. The unique roller design allows it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, making it a great tool for improving blood circulation, stimulating stem cell development, and increasing collagen and keratin production.

Beard Shaping Comb

Like an artist’s stencil, our Beard-Shaping Comb helps you line your beard or mustache for a clean, balanced shave. Engraved measurement markers and a mini brush built into the comb help you navigate and measure your scruff with ease for very personal grooming.

Measure up, shave and trim your beard or mustache to your liking using our mustachiest of tools. Just slide them along the beard, trimmer, or clipper and make shaving a pleasure for yourself.

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Blackhead removal

Everyone loves to feel and look their best. That’s why this incredible Rechargeable Blackhead Remover Device helps anyone, male or female, take their skincare game to the next level. If you are getting your best beard look on, then you need to make sure those blackheads also get dealt with! Let technology and modern design work hand in hand for a spa-like clean, right from the comfort of home.

Perfect for men and women, this innovative gadget is designed to remove even the most stubborn blackheads. It’s like magic! How Does it Work? This amazing blackhead remover device is designed to use the power of electricity. Simply plug it into any USB port on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and it will automatically detect the device. Once it does, you’ll be able to easily remove the blackheads. The device works by emitting infrared rays, which are able to penetrate the skin to remove the dead skin cells. After each session, your skin will feel smooth and glowing.


Studies show that men with beards are more dominant than other people. Having a beard is important because it shows manhood and masculinity. Beards act as a sign of maturity for many people because they separate men from boys. More importantly, demonstrating a well kept and impressive beard magnifies this subtle but accepted social norm, so put together your own grooming kit to maintain and improve your beard.

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