The Best Advice for your beard

After asking alot of men about their beards and whether or not a beard kit was beneficial, we found this to be the best response ever!

‘You need a good oil and balm, and you need a diffuser type comb (it has thick wide teeth), and a brush with thin but widely separated teeth. A good conditioner is good to. If you don’t use the oil and balm your beard will look dry and ratty. The balm will give it a nice sheen that sparkles in the sunlight like a vampire from Twilight. You also want a good blowdryer and possibly if your beard is very wiry, a straightening iron. If you get the straight iron you will need a good heat protectant, otherwise the iron will eventually make the hair brittle and it will break. All of which can be purchased at Walgreens or CVS or whatever the drugstore is in you neck of the woods.

Best Beard Haircuts For Men

You need a decent pair of scissors as well. You never cut into the beard. You gently brush through it and then go around the contour of the beard lightly shaping it. When trimming, less is always more. You just want to take off the ratty dead ends and anything that pokes outward.

If you want you can get specialized beard shampoos and conditioners, but I find the oil and balm to be sufficient with a normal shampoo and conditioner. Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equally, I’m shampoo agnostic, I typically go with the ones targeted to men just because I like the grey bottle, but you want a good moisture adding humectant conditioner. Rinse thoroughly, and brushing while conditioning in the shower will make untangling the beard without breaking it much easier.

Silver Bearded Man 1

Alot goes into an awesome beard. They don’t just fall out of the face that way. It’s a commitment.

Shower, wash, condition, pat dry, oil, diffuse, blowdry and brush (avoid dry brushing your beard, it will break). After you blowdry, a little more oil might be good, but take care not to sop it, you don’t want a greasy beard. Mine is very dry so I tend to use more. Or if you straight iron, apply the protectant and iron the beard, and when done test the moisture and if it looks or feels too dry use a little more oil. The iron will boil off some of the oil. Trim the deads and flyaways and moustache if you prefer, and then balm and brush to style and shape.

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