Sellvia – ‘Get Sales Easily With This New Service’ = SCAM

From Sellvia’s marketing email: ‘Did you know that it costs from 5 to 25 times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one? 

It means that, as e-commerce business owners, we should definitely put much effort into our non-buying or lost customers’ re-engagement.

And do you know which customer retention tool is rated the most powerful AND the most cost-effective?

Right: it’s Email Marketing!

And we know how to make it work for YOU, bringing you stable profits on autopilot.’

The Truth is far from anything being on autopilot except for you paying them fees.

My experience is quite the opposite of what they promised to me as well and this is where they lie to you, but also, they don’t? Let me explain – they set up email marketing, however, if you don’t have a huge email base already, who are you going to email? It sounds so easy, however, 1000’s if not 10s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, if not millions of digital agencies have already done this for their clients – AND (this is where the difference lays), gotten them, email subscribers. In Sellvia’s equation, this part is left out.

Read below for more of the pseudo promise;

‘Just think: you hire us once, we set up the whole lead generation system and email series, then all this works automatically for YEARS, with zero action from your side! 

What exactly you will get when you order the Email Marketing Setup service:

  • Lifelong operation: A special lead-generation system collects your visitors’ emails for the immediate start of an email campaign
  • Repeat purchases: Great copy re-engages your customers and brings them back to your online store again and again
  • Full automation: Email series (follow-ups) trigger sales on autopilot: once set up, they will convert your shoppers for years

We invite and encourage you to benefit from the email marketing expertise we’ve gained through the blessed years of working on our best projects.’

The truth is, you DON’T need this service, it’s a total waste of your time UNLESS you already have hundreds or thousands of email subscriber where this ‘automation’ can be deployed.

Just look at my own shop, I have bought all their services including this one and to date (after OVER a whole YEAR) NOT A SINGLE SALE!

Here is some more scammy promo, but it’s what’s at the end which is infuriating – that’s it, the we advise on the online businesses on bit… go to and type in the name ‘Sellvia’ and see what it comes up with….. crickets, nothing, zip – DON’T USE SELLVIA!

Watch this video to learn more.

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Sellvia is a flytrap for would-be e-commerce businesses – the truth is, its an oversubscribed service, yes its real, but NO you arent going to make any income from them. I have wasted almost $3000 believing their hype and to date not a single sale, even after running ads, discounting their products to the point where I’d make a loss, and advertising on Amazon…. all for nothing – You Have Been Warned

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