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Black Gothic

The Afro-Gothic often addresses the everydayness of black horror in ways that attest to the repetitive violence against black bodies and the relentless haunting of traumatic pasts. We seek work that explores Afro-Gothic sensibilities in film, fiction, performance, and the visual arts.What are the reasons why Goths wear black? Goth rock came from “Post Punk” bands like The Cure and Joy Division. Post Punk was about making a statement, by going against what was popular. This meant dark themes in the songs and dark colors worn by the artists.At core, goth is a music based subculture so in order to consider yourself goth, your music taste must contain goth music. A subculture must have aspects, traditions, and characteristics which make it what it is and a common ground for all the people who consider themselves as part of that label.Our Black Gothis range is only listed here and our shop on Amazon, you will never see it mass produced, every item is guaranteed to satisfy or your money back!
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